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A payment gateway built for Filipino Businesses

Empower your business with seamless payment management transactions, facilitating effortless exchanges through a diverse array of payment options. Our secure collection system ensures the safety of all records, while enabling easy monitoring and tracking of all financial activities.

Boost Your Business: TraxionPay Elevates Profitability and Growth for Merchants and Retailers

TraxionPay is the top choice for merchants and retailers of all sizes, from individual online sellers to large high-volume businesses. By minimizing manual tasks and lowering administrative expenses, the platform ensures service availability to manage high volumes of digital payments. With its accessibility, reliability, and reliable transaction speed, TraxionPay empowers businesses to boost profitability and scale their operations effortlessly.

Reliable service availability for retailers of all sizes

Guaranteed safety of digital payments, supervised by regulatory authorities

Seamless integration of payment methods

Simplified outgoing payments management

Acceptance of cashless payments with ease

Payment tools designed for your business

Easy-to-use API

Our user-friendly API smoothly integrates various payment methods into your websites, apps, or software systems.


Seamlessly track and analyze every transaction Whether you're a retailer, merchant, or enterprise, Traxion Pay's analytics give you a comprehensive view of your payment history.

Disbursement Gateway

Simplify the way you manage outgoing payments. Traxion Pay lets you seamlessly integrate various disbursement methods into your business platform for smooth transactions.

Payment Checkouts

Accept cashless payments anytime and anywhere with the Traxion Pay Me link. Just generate one-time payment links or QR codes for easy payment collection, no coding required.

Best for Enterprises


Wallet as a Service

A comprehensive solution developed to perform financial transactions through a seamless digital wallet experience. Users can securely store, manage, transfer funds, and more just with their mobile devices.


Phygital cards to receive and disburse payments

Experience the future of banking with TraxionPay’s innovative Phygital QR Cards. Transfer funds to your TraxionPay wallet even without a smartphone and access our CTM for cash in and out transactions just by easily scanning this card.


Cash Teller Machine

Extend digital banking experience using the QR-driven Cash Teller Machine or CTM. Load cash or disburse cash from your wallet anytime. Use any QRPh-enabled mobile banking app to withdraw funds from your bank of choice.


Accounting Module

With high-level accounting integration, our accounting module offers a comprehensive solution for managing your company's financial data effortlessly.

Start your own development and integration with us. Build better business with our API marketplace.

Why Choose TraxionPay

Traxion Pay streamlines the process, offering seamless handling from payment acceptance to monitoring, administration, and financial analysis.

APIs are AI-Cyber-Protected for enhanced security.

Get started instantly!

Complete accessibility to payment transaction history

Minimize manual tasks and lower administrative expenses by automating and streamlining processes.

Ensure service availability with a platform capable of managing high volume of digital payments

Fits any type of organizations.

How to collect payments with TraxionPay Me Link:

Step 1

Generate Payment Link

Log-in through the TraxionPay Web Portal and create a Pay Me link.

Step 2

Send Pay Me link

Copy the Pay Me link and send it through any messaging platform

Step 3

Collect Payment

Once transaction is complete, you will receive payments into your TraxionPay Wallet.

Get Your Own QRPh Now!

Share it and start receiving money. Accept payments from customers, friends and others.

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Traxion Boosts Operational Efficiency with VITRO Colocation Services

Traxion relies on PLDT Enterprise and ePLDT's VITRO Colocation Services to enhance their management system to further help their customers. and Traxion Tech Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen API Security in the Philippines' Finance Industry

JERSEY CITY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE) (formerly L7 Defense), an API security leader, and Traxion Tech, a fintech pioneer, have forged a strategic partnership to bring AI security solutions to the Philippines.

Filipino, Israeli startups partner to fight data leaks in PH

Philippine IT company Traxion Tech Inc. has partnered with I+Cyber, a cybersecurity service provider with headquarters in Israel, to bring the first-ever Threat Operations Center (TOC)-as-a-service to the Philippines.


Digital payments are safely guaranteed.

Traxion Pay Inc. operates its E-Wallet Services under the supervision of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, EMI Licensed and OPS (Operator of a Payment System), RTGS and a direct Instapay participant. This regulatory oversight ensures compliance and adherence to industry standards, while our security measures guarantee the integrity and safety of all transactions conducted on our platform.

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